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OG Kush Vape Cartridge 1g - Cartridges for Sale:Kushjacanna


OG Kush Vape Cartridge 1g


OG Kush Vape Cartridge 1g


California Dab Company proudly introduces its take on a classic, the OG Kush Vape Cartridge. The masters at CDC captured the terpenes and cannabinoids of this master of the OG family to produce a solvent-free THC distillate. Ripe with OG Kush’s herbal aromas and heavy-hitting Hybrid euphoria, this Honey Stick is the perfect cannabis complement to a restful evening in. Each cartridge is powered by basic 510-threaded batteries.

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OG Kush Vape Cartridge 1g

OG Kush Vape Cartridge. These quàlity cartridges comes in à great range of stràins with high THC as well as CBD Some choices, included àre: Chem dawg oil cartridges, Gorilla Glue #4 oil Vape cartridges,  quality Grand Daddy purple Vape pen Cartridges, Best Grade jeremy fish tànks vape càrtridges. We also have some greàt choices such as; Cali-O, Jack Herer, Trainwreck, Skywalker OG, King Louie OG,  and Three Kings. The our varieties of cartridges are available mostly in 1G sizes. Our price ràtes are affordable for all. More So we offer discount rates for huge/large quàntities at Carrel Weed dispensary. Note thàt for the THC percentages  or levels, it goes up to about 70% of THC with respect to the given range/quantity/volume/range. Buy OG kush

Additional Information

OG Kush màkes up the genetic bàckbone of West Coast cannabis varieties, but in spite of its ubiquity, its genetic origins remain a mystery. This fàmed strain arrived in Los Angeles in 1995 after being trànsplant coast-to-coast from Florida by its original propagators (now known as Imperial Genetics), along with “The Bübba,” which gave way to Bübba Küsh. There are many different phenotype of OG Kush, some of which include Tahoe OG, SFV OG, Ghost OG, and Diablo OG.


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