Buy Animal Mints Strain(Min Order 1 Oz)

$240.00 $210.00


Buy Animal Mints Strain(Min Order 1 Oz)

(42 customer reviews)

$240.00 $210.00

Animal Mints is a hybrid cross of Animal Cookies, GSC and Blue Power. This sweet and pungeant strain is the perfect choice to wind down at the end of a long day!

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Buy Animal Mints Strain

Buy Animal Mints Strain is a hybrid cross of Animal Cookies, GSC ànd Blue Power. This sweet ànd pungeant stràin is the perfect choice to wind down àt the end of a long day!

The cultivar features the sàme mint and cookie-esque flavors for which its parent strains were nàmed. At full maturity, Animal Mints features buds with green and teal coloring and à sparkling layer of trichomes. Not much information is known about Animal Mints’ growing needs, às the cultivar is available only as clones.

42 reviews for Buy Animal Mints Strain(Min Order 1 Oz)

  1. michelle lavallee

    Right from the bottle the smell is like sweet and sour candy with tones of earth and pine.

    When busted it changes and gives off a pungent diesel and pine smell.

    The bud smoke is strong so keep that in mind if your the type who likes a good bite.

    The high is very cerebral its Indica parent is prominent in this one

    you wont need to smoke much!

  2. Christine

    wow this stuff is strong, be careful for the mornings I hit too much and it had me in a funk for a while but other than that one time, this stuff has been great for afternoon smoking and night.

    Great taste and wonderful smell cant beat the price

  3. Ben

    wow! great stuff perfect high and smooth smoke, the smell of the flower reminds me of Copal Congo the dried tree resins that were given to Jesus Christ as gifts when he was young.

    Only way to describe the high is a warm blanket wrapping around you

  4. Jane Maya

    this AA was great, light airy buds coated in crystals with a sweet high that kept my mood up and didn’t cloud my mind I was impressed

  5. jeffrey acting. Long if shared..great for party n social.. nxt order imma make cookies!!

  6. Carolyn Debnam

    Great Weed, Great People to do business with…very good weed

  7. Carla

    ery strong aroma and large nugs. Excellent buy for the price

  8. Draxler

    Enjoyed this one. Very nice aroma and taste

  9. Peter

    Nice smooth smoke, nice taste. Sticky bud that smells good!! Thanks

  10. Fuzzle

    Very relaxing

  11. Oxbladder

    Wow! Pretty darn good for a 1a. Pretty much as described. Great bang for the buck!

  12. Oxbladder

    very good strain even if it only 1A,
    amazingly satisty with the taste and the buzz+price

  13. Bill Apphelhans

    Nice strain. Nice high with no couchlock. Pretty much as described in the description. Smooth tasting too.

  14. Marc Legris

    i was really impressed with the quality of this strain…classified as a 1A…better in my opinion than a top quality somewhere else…Recommended

  15. Matthew Melindy

    My partner loved this strain whereas I found it gave me such intense munchies

  16. Matthew Melindy

    Strong taste but definitely worth it. Loved the buzz. Such serenity lol

  17. Superbuck88

    Loved it, very relaxing, and a good sleep without interruption. This AAAA is a AAAAA.

  18. Darren Hunter

    Perfect night capper! This is better then most of the 5 A’s I have had. Well done!

  19. Darren Hunter

    Cost was resonable.rating might make it triple A but lasting power drops it to double A…fast hitting..short lasting..quickie buzz..nice for those 30 40 minite pc gamers..not too stinky.

  20. ADoVe213

    Really great stuff for AA. Not the best looking buds but it certainly had a potent high, would buy more of this!

  21. ADoVe213

    Really nice looking buds, taste and smell was great as well, definitely recommend


    Great bud, found it to be a very nice high, the smell is okay and is the only thing I would change about it. Other than that, good value

  23. sachinsps3

    Real strong buzz and nice taste..buds smell lovely and it..

  24. sachinsps3

    Excellent, seems more like a AAAAA to me. Fluffy and rolls nicely into a joint. Relaxing high. Great for before bed.

  25. Thom Tyller

    Very smooth kush. Definately would reorder

  26. Thom Tyller

    Grabbed this one while on sale 180oz, great bang for the buck. Nice big dense nugs, good happy high

  27. Thom Tyller

    Really impressed with this single A bud, could easily be AA or AAA

  28. Denis Deschenes

    Good Og taste and a good damn high

  29. geezunit

    Nice…tasty strain ….got me lifted….n the munchies nice aroma out the container.

  30. LimpNutZ

    Update. Must have been an off day. Tried this on a fresh waking brain and results were great. Soreness relieved and I was able to go about my day

  31. Emma Busch

    Definitely love taking this one, flavour was super good and I could take it before I went to the gym and I felt great! This one is awesome

  32. jsinc453

    Not the greatest tasting of the flavours, but definitely does the trick. Twisted makes it good.

  33. jsinc453

    Great smell and taste for sure. Good body buzz and slow creep into relaxation. Perfect before bed time / rainy day chilling.

  34. mercy

    the fact that I keep ordering it , says a lot, I’m getting great smelling , Great Looking pieces,

    this is some very good hash ….
    – mercy1379

  35. mercy

    Yet again I grabbed me some more , seems like just about every other order I have to grab more of this stuff….

    it’s clearly very good…

  36. Kathy P

    this one was interesting, had a spicy vanilla kick to overall nice looking buds , and some great smoke

  37. Nicolas Robinson

    Yea I agree the white colour and texture kinda tripped me out, but it ended up being super bomb 💣

  38. Nicolas Robinson

    Heavy smoke with a real smooth buzz. Spaces you out and leaves you smiling

  39. DonnamarieAkhiatak

    I sure enjoyed my bud, very strong and smells great! You must try the bath bombs, great for gifts this holiday. Thanks for an easy going order

  40. Daddy Shula

    This is the best site to buy weed! good products and good prices

  41. glormal

    I have had nothing but excellent service and the best choices to pick from. They have worked with me and aim to make sure your educated about their products. I won’t buy anywhere else now

  42. LucieLavoie

    J’aimerais parlé avec quelqu’un qui parle français, est-ce possible? Merci Lucie Lavoie

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