Alien Jack Strain(Min Order 1 Oz)

$250.00 $220.00


Alien Jack Strain(Min Order 1 Oz)

(26 customer reviews)

$250.00 $220.00

Buy Alien Jack Strain. Pot Farmer Sal’s Alien Jack is an amazing cross of Alien Stardawg and Jack Herer! This sativa will take your breath away with its spicy and piney aroma. Alien Jack is known to leave its users with a cerebral and heady but well-rounded high!

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Buy Alien Jack Strain

Buy Alien Jack Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that may give the user an uplifting, cerebral effect. This strain is often used to treat fatigue, depression, pain and anxiety. Alien OG & Chemdawg #4 (mixed with Jack Herer) are the parents of this strain.

26 reviews for Alien Jack Strain(Min Order 1 Oz)

  1. Thom Tyller

    Honest and discreet


    Best strains i have ever gotten. Thanks

  3. Collins

    Good quality and very professional.

  4. Bernard

    Good customer services

  5. Kelly

    Thanks for the recommendations. we need more dispensaries like yours out here.

  6. Frank

    Can’t say i wasn’t skeptical ordering on here but thanks for proving yourselves and i’ll definitely be ordering more from you guys.

  7. Thelma

    Nice high with big and tight nugs. Smokes well

  8. Kluivert

    I bought the strain ones. Had a nice little mellow buzz, but it sure won’ t knock you out even if you take a lot

  9. Denis Deschenes

    Good taste & good high

  10. bougy

    I had an ok experience with this bud but was expecting stronger effect couch-lock style. ”No glued to the couch” effect to me but overall a descent strain.

  11. jason

    Received a 7g of this as a gift and I must say it was a pleasant surprise. Good looking buds and a strong buzz. Alien jack is a safe bud for a good time.

  12. Awesome

    This strain is very intense. The buzz made me really focused and high headed. As said in previous review, I hope you restock this strain again.

  13. BayToBreakers

    Nice taste, very nice looking buds, smooth smoke. Effect was on the mild side for this everyday smoker, but not bad at all.

  14. chronisseur

    Mellow, relaxing buzz; smooth smoke; mild flavor. A new favorite

  15. kylebr

    Very good product, especially considering it came as a 3.5 g sample. Smooth; tastes particularly nice in the vaporizer.

  16. Dart1350

    These really helped with pain, one 10mg dose was all it took for an afternoon.

  17. Olampus

    I ordered again can’t get over this stinky deeelish strain … should always be in stock

  18. Clint

    This stuff looked great and frosty…smelt and tasted fantastic…good buzz

  19. Anna

    Very dank and sweet popcorn buds, thick smoke and a pretty heavy high.

  20. Alexander Sweet

    I really enjoyed this stuff the smell is 5/5 I loved it and the buzz is a perfect, Its a chill out and relax kinda buzz another 5/5

    thanks guys!

  21. April

    this stuff is well rounded smelly bud, me and especially the wife will be buying again.


  22. ThomasMorrone

    Very good website! KUSHJACANNA delivered my order from British Columbia to Quebec in a matter of days. The prices are reasonable, the deals are even better, and although I’ve only ordered one product as of today, I must say I’m extremely impressed. I recommended this site to a good amount of my friends.

  23. Jaker

    Ordered 2 days ago can’t wait to get my smoke and i hope it’s going to be good as last time and gets here a little faster now that holidays are over thanks bxn maker a good one

  24. 71dodgedemon

    Had a problem with my order last month… happy to say everything was resolved after it was looked into. Thank you for great Customer Service. I recommend this site to all my friends.

  25. Richard Doucet

    This is the best site to buy weed! good products and good prices Shipping is good but took 11 days to get here Montreal , province QC Why not deliver on the weekend?, Give work on the weekend too, we live in a world where we have everything delivered by internet

  26. Jaker

    Ordered 4 times now first 3 times where good product and fast shipping but this last time smoke was good but took 11 days to get here

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